Music at the Martin
The Dead Winter Carpenters

7:00 PM, Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ever Evolving Original Americana Roots Rock & Alt. Country

Presented by Great Basin Arts and Entertainment
for more information on the event visit:  GBAE.ORG

Buy your tickets here and pick them up at The Martin before the show.

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Rosie's Salad Dressing


Original Martin Hotel Garlic Oil & Vinegar Dressing

Rosie’s original garlic, oil, vinegar, and prairie dust recipe from 60 years ago. Ready for you to use. Garlic, Oil, & Vinegar with a Prairie Dust shaker (salt, pepper, garlic salt) so you can season to taste.

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The Martin Hotel Baseball Cap

Look sharp in one of our Martin Hotel baseball caps. One size fits all. Self-adjusting in the back.

Price: $13.95


 The Martin Hotel Print


Water Color Print

Water Color print from the original 1970 watercolor at The Martin.

Price: $19.95


1937 Photo Print - Cowboys and Indians



1927 Winnemucca Rodeo Print

1927 Winnemucca Rodeo: Print is a 9” by 65” panorama style photo showing spectators, Cowboys and Indians.

Price: $34.95





















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